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Camping Cookware Sets

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They say not to carry too much when going hiking or camping. We say meh, carry your whole kitchen on your back with this cook set. Weighing barely anything, this set will allow you to become the aspiring outdoor chef you have always wanted to be. 




  • The cookware is made of aluminum alloy, which is treated with high-grade hard heat and is resistant to high temperature and friction. 
  • The stove, the table knife, the fork and the spoon are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperatures and high strength.

Included in each set:

1 X Cooking Pan
1 X Fry Pan
1 X Kettle
2 X Water Cups
1 X Fork
1 X Spoon
1 X Table Knife
1 X Lock
1 X Cutting Board
1 X Mesh Bag
1 X Stove

Black/Orange Specifications:
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 1050g
Green Mini Specifications:
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 657g