Who We Are, What We Do


We are the Hances. My wife, Lucy, and I, Keenan, and our son, Everest, make up Path Less Traveled By, or PLTB for short. We live in Terre Haute, Indiana and have intentions to renovate a 1978 Chevy Itcasa motorhome, to then travel around the United States and make epic vlogs.

We founded Path Less Traveled By with a simple idea: bring adventure to all of those who want it, regardless of outdoor experience, at an affordable cost, and better the world through it.

After months of work and failure, we have found the products we believe will bring quality and assurance to all those who wander. From a comfortable, fashionable shirt to a survival kit that will never leave you needing more, we offer a variety of hiking, camping, and survival gear.

Even if you don't support us, get out and explore. Take the time to be outdoors. Enjoy the dirt beneath your feet, the sounds of nature, and crisp air.

Explore the unknown. Take the path less traveled by!

- The Hances