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Dominican Republic Jarabacoa Fresh Roasted Organic Coffee Beans

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This coffee is grown at Ramirez Estate in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.  The Estate workers are paid roughly 300% higher wages than the Fair Trade minimum.  They use a sizable portion of their profits to create sustainable gas recycling to reduce emissions, water filtration to prevent river contamination, and also to donate computers and books to local schools.  Let this coffee take you in with its flavor notes of strawberry, stone fruit and vanilla.  An amazing cup!  Tastes wonderful with any brew method. Light Roast is recommended for sweetness and clarity.

                                                      Cupping Score:  89

  • Flavor Notes:  Strawberry, Stone Fruit, Vanilla
  • Process:  Red Honey
  • Altitude:  1,400m
  • Fresh Roasted To Order. Always.
  • Shipped within 24 hours after roasting to ensure freshness